tuesday has ten.

  1. When Kellan is nursing, he will toot, and it doesn’t even faze his concentration… so now the name ‘putt-putt-boy’ is used frequently in the Mathison household; he cracks me up.
  2. My baby boy is still sleeping… yay!
  3. Made Noel’s lunch this morning because I forgot to last night and since he is on the south beach diet, it requires some real thinking for momma bear to make a lunch with no carbs, fruit, sugar… I don’t know how he does it.  I love all 3!
  4. We have this little scrubber for Kellan’s bath, it’s a little blue whale, and Noel can only handle the whale because if I give him the cup to wash down Kellan’s hair, water somehow gets into his eyes and up his nose… so no cuppy for you hunny, not just yet.
  5. Canucks lost last night 7-1 (when we turned off the TV)… what the heck?  Luongo should have been pulled, where do I try out for the HC??
  6. The hubby is growing out a mustache… this makes for one mad mommy!  I do not like mustaches, actually I hate them!!  Why grow one out, when you look so handsome with a clean shaven face… and it’s actually nice to kiss you.  I do not understand men sometimes, it does not make you look cool, it looks ridiculous (no matter how many or how few hairs you might have).
  7. If you are going to put a sticker or stickers on the back of your car window, at least have it be something cool and not those little ‘family’ decals… really getting old and annoying.
  8. I got a little sunburnt on Saturday!  Me!  But since I have not been tanning (due to the little babe), it was actually nice, because now I have a little color!!
  9. I get my first batch of cherries from our Finley ranch in about 2 weeks, yay!  Fresh fruit all summer long is what I live on…
  10. Kellan has been doing this thing lately where in the mornings, I am changing his diaper and there is usually poopy inside and I will try to let him finish, but haven’t been giving him enough time (obviously) and I will start cleaning him up, and then I put a clean diaper underneath his butt to get him all ready (just in case he does poop some more) and then he will start farting and he gives me enough time to move my hand away from his little tooshie, and then he blasts poop straight out like a water hose and it goes off the changing table, on our rubber plant (that I have in the corner) and sometimes on the floor.  Oh my sweet little boy!  I simply smile and look down at my little angel and he is smiling and cooing, how can you even get mad or disgusted?  He is soo proud!  Mommy loves your little stinky toosh booboo!!!

his mustache the last time… lord help me…

my favorite cherries

our little dude- 4 days old


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