gym… not so much

Since last night, I had my heart set on working out in the morning.  So, as the sun rises, usually do little babies, but not mine… little boy decided to not let Mommy do that.  He slept in until 9:15, my class started at 10am, and I knew that I would be cutting it close or arrive at the class late (which is not an option).  So I changed Kellan, and started nursing him and by then it was 9:40 and I sadly knew I would not be able to go to my class… so instead, after we finished with our morning ‘breakfast’, I decided we would have our own workout.  So I put the little babe in the Ergo and off we went for our brisk walk!  Thank goodness we did that early on because it started raining shortly thereafter and has been ever since.  This is June right?

My little babe is not a napper… today I could have used one!  But I would rather have him sleep through the night then be sleeping all day, and his nights & days confused… that would be very challenging.  He sure is smiling a lot, and is scared of the camera.  Everytime I try to take a picture of him when he is smiling he stops smiling and stares at the camera like it’s some sort of scary hannibal type machine.  Hoping that he grows out of that, but I have managed to get a couple photos of my little booboo smiling in the past few days, horray!


We got our “jumperaoo” contraption this morning from the UPS man and Mommy is happy about that!  I was going to attempt to put it together but decided that N had better do that when he gets home from worky… and while he was BBQing our dinner he was putting together the jumperaoo for our little dude.  Once it was assembled we put Kellan in it to bounce (we had to add an extra large pillow underneath so he could have something to jump up from with his legs), and he loved it!  YAY!!!  I honestly don’t know what parents used to do before all these baby toys were invented??  Just rocked, swayed, swaddled or put their babies down on their backs with nothing to do or nothing to see??  I am soo happy that it is 2011 and am taking FULL advantage of all these baby knick-knacks at my disposal… 

my happy baby!!

his scared look… even got his fingers to his mouth in disbelief

letting it all hang out… my sweet boy

until next time… adios amigos!


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