A bird, steak and some cheesecake…

Soo, yesterday, I come down in the morning with the little man, set him under his activity mat, and make my morning chocolate banana smoothie. Out of the corner of my eye I think I see something scurry along the carpet. I have been thinking I see things in my home ever since I saw the dead bird earlier in the week… Thanks Braden! Then, bssssh the blender is starting and I see it again… Off goes the blender and I see a bird fly across my living room! I scream, run over to the sliding glass door and whisk it open so hopefully the bird flies out, but when I look up the bird is flying right at me!! I scream again, the bird hits the glass door behind me, I run over to my little babe to protect him (from what I think is a deadly eagle) and yell at Callum, our dog, to “GET THE BIRD!!!!”. He of course does as told, quickly gets the bird in 5 seconds, and trots off outside all proud! Thank god for our Callum, he totally saved the day! Mommy is good, Kellan is fine and our day has gone on without a hitch since!

the bird killer

Steaks… I know a certain family who loves a juicy ribeye steak, mine! With that said a BBQ is taking place tonight at my home with my entire family (minus my sis, brother in law, niece and nephew)… Boohoo, I wish they lived in town. So the menu consists of rib eye steaks, corn on the cob, ambrosia salad, green salad, and a cheesecake with strawberries on top. Yummy! Being the little baker I am, I made the cheesecake this morning, and the ambrosia salad as well. Then I shucked the corn and Noel is marinating the steaks right now… What a fabulous dinner and night we will all have! Mom is bringing over the appetizer and the green salad, I can’t wait to eat everything… That’s the good thing about breastfeeding, you can eat and eat and eat and you don’t gain weight… In fact, the opposite is happening.

bountiful fruit corn-on-cobs

marinatin’ steaks

sweet ambrosia

This cheesecake is a homemade cheesecake, and I have never made the recipe before, but I am really excited about eating it! Strawberries are always a hit in this house (along with anything buttery, sugary or creamy), so I thought why not put those on top?  If it is a success, I will post the recipe for sure!  Have a good night ya’ll…


daddy and kellan at our bbq

sweet boy always wondering what that thing is in mommy’s hands…


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