1. Noel leaves for Finley to start cherry harvest on Thursday… I always miss him and it will be the first time that he will be leaving our little man and myself alone for a few days.  I know already I will be missing his daddy help and I know Kellan will wonder where daddy is… hopefully the days will fly by and he will be back home by Father’s day!
  2. Canucks vs. Bruins game 7 on tomorrow night.  I am very nervous, I will have to go the store later today and buy some gummy worms.

my favorite canuck player- Kesler


3.  The story behind the gummy worms is that when my older brother Alex was playing for the Spokane Braves, my Mom and I would get so nervous watching him play that we would buy gummy worms at the concession stand at the rink and we would go through multiple bags each game.  I guess somehow the sugar or the gummy-ness of the worms was soothing??  Don’t ask, we do odd things when we watch hockey games, I guess?

4.  I want my friend to paint either something on one of Kellan’s nursery walls, or I am thinking to ask her to paint “K E L L A N” in a unique way and have it nicely framed… which would you do?  I brought the idea up to N and he didn’t really say anything, he seems kinda iffy about the whole idea, but hopefully he will come around.  I think it will turn out beautifully!  I mean, studly.

5.  Morgan & Whit are coming up tonight to visit us and meet our little guy!  I am so excited, it will be a lot of fun to catch up and visit with our friends.

6.  Why do people tattoo their husbands names or boyfriends names on their bodies?  I do not understand this phenomenon…

7.  Have had this headache for 2 days now, I am wondering if I need to drink more water.  Today I will give it my best shot, but I would rather drink a Diet Coke.

8.  My little babe is getting longer and longer, or is it taller and taller?  He doesn’t stand (obviously), but it sounds weird saying longer when he is a human not a cat or something…  anyway, he is getting so ‘tall’ that his 3 month clothes are not fitting him anymore.  It’s so cute that his body is so lean, because I know that bottle-fed babies are just chunky little lumps.  Not that they aren’t cute, they still are, I am just proud that I am a mommy who nurses her little babe.

9.  My body is sore today!  I went to the gym yesterday with my Momma and we did Bodypump.  It’s a class at Gold’s Gym, where you work out a different part of your body to each track (song), and you use weights.  It’s pretty challenging, but we made it through the class, and now I am feeling the pain, yowwwza!!

10.  I wonder how many kisses Kellan gets everyday.  Someone asked me that the other day, and I would bet over 100 at least… how can you not kiss this face?


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