Game 7

Today I baked an apple pie, I have got my game face on for the big game tonight, and I am ready to eat some buffalo wings and drink some diet coke tonight!! I am so nervous I feel like I am getting ready to watch Noel play in the Stanley Cup, not a team who I only know by their names and faces… Lets be honest here, they have no idea who I am. And I am just fine with that, (hahaha) but N and I have watched every single Canuck game this year and we, or I should say, I, feel like I know the players. It has been fun watching a team all season long and now they are competing against the Boston Bruins to win the 2011 Stanley Cup! This evening will be a greet one, win or lose, but I secretly hope they kick some major Bruin booty!!!

My sweet lil babe woke up this morning lying horizontal in his crib… We put him down last night vertically in between his holder thing (I think it’s supposed to keep his body straight or something) and when I went in to get him he was completely horizontal and his holder thing was at the end of the crib, and he had kicked both blankets off… He must be getting strong! N is always ‘working out’ with him. Meaning doing tummy time, holding him up and he pushes with his legs, and trying to get his neck strong. In fact he told me last night that he wants him to start crawling, I sort of laughed, then replied, “no, don’t make him crawl, let him just grow as he wants too”… I am not a mommy who is going to push her little babe to do things before he wants to or is able to. I have no problem with letting him develop at his own pace… I guess we will see what our little man will decide to do.

Tomorrow is Kellan’s 3 month checkup. He will only be around 11 weeks old, but I guess the doctors do their check-up appointments early rather than later. My sweet little boy is going to get multiple shots, and mommy will probably cry… Tomorrow will be a rough day for us both.

Good luck, good bye and good night.


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