Twelve.four & 23 1/4

This morning was my sweet little boy’s 2 month check-up. For some reason I thought it was his 3 month checkup, mommy was wrong. It’s not often that I am wrong, but yes I sadly admit it. You know women, especially married women, are always right… Just ask our husbands. They might wink at ya when you ask them, but it’s probably just cause your cute… Anyway, Kellan’s TWO month check-up went perfectly! His weight is now 12 pounds and 4 ounces (he was 8 pounds and 4 ounces when he was born), his height is now 23 1/4 inches (at birth he was 20 inches long) and his head circumference is now 15. He is in the 46% percentile for his weight, and 40% percentile for his length… My baby is growing, but slow and steady and I am soo happy!!

first experience in his ‘jumperaoo’

mommy love!

Noel left this morning for Finley, and it was sad and hard to say goodbye. We are going to miss him! But those cherries are pretty darn important, and I can’t wait to get my fill when he comes home with a bag full of freshly picked cherries!!

Right now my latest addiction is shopping for clothes, baby clothes! Everything is so dang cute and I have the hardest time resisting myself from entering in that 16 digit number. It’s so easy and fun to shop online! I know that my little man will just keep on growing, and he won’t get to wear these clothes forever, but he just is soo adorable, it’s hard to tell myself “no”… Afterall you are supposed to come from a place of “yes” right?

Sadly, my dear Canucks lost game 7, they just didn’t play as a team and had no leadershp what-so-ever during all 3 periods… Tim Thomas (goalie for Bruins) played amazing as usual, and our goalie Roberto Luongo choked… as my Dad said last night, “he will go down in NHL history as the only goalie who choked in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.”

the winning team (captain Chara is 6’9″ and 285 lbs… can you believe it?)

thomas kissing the infamous Stanley Cup


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