’twas the night of fussy baby

My little babe had some shots yesterday, and when I saw some, I mean 3!  I hate getting shots and I know what it feels like, I get all antsy right before and have to mentally prepare myself for the prick of death… now having my little boy experience this pain without even knowing what he is about to get or understanding why is just plain sad.  God bless all the mommy’s who have been here before, it is not fun for either party.  I didn’t even want to look at him getting pricked, I just looked into Kellan’s eyes and held his little hands.  Doctors really need to come up with a way of making these shots into a sweet milky tasting medicine that they can just put into a dropper and down the esophagus it goes… so, now that you know how I feel about those nasty shots, my night was surely a bit shaken.  Ever since our little one was around 3-4 weeks old he has gone down every night peacefully and quietly and slept all through the night.  Not last night.  I nursed him, put him down and he was crying… 15 minutes later he was still crying so I went in and consoled him and laid him back down… 15 minutes later he was still crying, so again I picked him up and tryed assuring him it was ‘night night time booboo’ and gave him a little bit of tylenol.  Peace.  He finally fell asleep.  My poor baby!  I wish kisses would cure his pain because he would not be in any right now if that were true.  I am hoping my little man will nap later on this afternoon, because mommy is exhausted.  It is very difficult without daddy being home, and I think Kellan can sense that he isn’t here… how many more days left?

his ‘angst’

my poor little baby- 2 shots in the right leg and 1 in the left

sweet little boy

Yes, he did sleep all through the night, thank goodness, but I feel his pain and hope that today is a better day!!

found an awesome picture of my husband on our Cabo trip… love this man!!

life can’t get any better than this


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