Thought I would share some photos I took from our Smallwood’s Harvest extravaganza:

my nephew Jackson & my Dad

me & my babe

I nicknamed this guy “chops”

my “little” brother Conlan & my niece, Ali


Totally random, but I would like to declare that I love watching reality TV. All the real housewives shows, right now I am watching The Bachelorette, but I also love shows like The Biggest Loser which has a feel good vibe to it. Noel makes fun of all my shows, but he always asks questions about them. He will be in the room or walking either down or up the stairs and he will ask “so what happened with the two sisters? Are they still fueding?”. So then I have to pause my show and try to explain everything to him in one breath so I can push play and get back into the drama. (I have a DVR so I always record my favorite shows because my time to watch TV is now limited.). N just cracks me up, it is okay to be a little bit interested in my shows hunny, it doesn’t take away from your manhood in anyway. Gosh, I love you!!

N is going to play hockey tonight, and I am excited for him! He just loves the sport of hockey, everything about it really, so this will be a fun evening out for him! I am also very anxious for our little boy to get some skates on, watch N teach him how to skate, and someday become his coach. All of these things will just bring so much happiness to our lives and the much waited anticipation of it all will come to an end before we know it.

Momma bear is gunna bake a blueberry pie for our dessert tonight, so I better get skootin and start on making my pie crusts…


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