Two days ago I took my wedding and engagement rings off for the first time since my wedding in May 2010, and the spot where my two rings were is all red, raw and severly chapped. Ouch! I believe I need to get them re-sized, because I don’t even know if I will be able to slide them back onto my finger. That is something I need to do this weekend, for sure! It feels very odd not wearing my rings…

Noel brought me home some cherries from Finley. Actually he forgot, but when they were running his cherries on the line the following night, he went down and got me some. And they are just amazing! Beautiful in fact!! I had to bring some over to share with my family, I felt spoiled eating these cherry candies all by myself. Today the little boy and I are going to have to make a trip down to Bountiful Fruit and pick up some more cherries, and perhaps some corn on the cob for our dinner tonight. I am making a white bean turkey chili with homemade biscuits, so the corn will be a nice side to go with it.

The blueberry pie I made the other night was just scrumptious! We have been devouring it every day since. Sometimes I think about opening up my own bakery, but I know that will be in the future (of at least 15 years or so) just because I want to be at home with our babies until they are in school full-time and I can devote all my time to raising them. Opening up a bakery is one of my dreams; it will be quite an achievement if I get the opportunity to fulfill it. But hey, that’s why we have dreams… You gotta be ambitious, afterall.

N has been doing lots of tummy time with our little dude, god bless him, he is such a wonderful daddy! I couldn’t have asked for a more loving husband and devoted daddy…


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