1. Had a shopping spree and bought my little man six month summer clothes! I can’t wait to dress him in all his new adorable outfits… But since he goes through three or four outfits each day, I’m sure I will get to see them all on him within two weeks or so.
2. Today I am conquering the laundry pile up! At least I can spend the next couple of days just relaxing with Kellan and snuggling my little babe.
3. Little boy is laughing now! It is sort a deep “hrrrr hrrr hrrr” and then he will make a high pitch excited noise like he is trying get to get more air in his mouth and giggle. It has happened a few times now and I am anxious for when he really starts laughing uncontrollably…
4. My favorite character on Desperate Housewives is Miss Bree Van De Kamp-Hodge! I could just watch a show based on her… Thank you Mark Cherry for creating such a genius and amusing character for your show. She is truly divine!
5. Saturday nights are probably one of my favorite nights during the week. I enjoy listening to the races from my house. And my little babe does too! Noel thinks it’s odd that I enjoy the hummmmm of the cars and asked if i wanted to go up one Saturday night to experience it, but I declined and told him that I enjoy the noise from afar, no need to venture out to the racetracks, thank you though hunny.
6. Our fourth of July was just amazing! Kellan got to play with his cousins, I got to eat my cheeseburger, baked beans, potato salad and all my desserts! (I ended up baking red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting, chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats, and a cheesecake with blueberries)… Everything was eaten up and everyone’s bellies were actually too full to enjoy homemade cherry ice-cream that my in laws made. The best cherry ice-cream in the world!

hanging w/ mommy in the hammock

2 of my 3 nieces: Maya & Hailey

family of three love.

7. My brother-in-law, Freddy, always does the firework show for us all, and this year was no different. We all sat down in our chairs, grabbed some blankets & food and enjoyed a few hours worth of watching fireworks.

freddy was very official & made this board for our firework show.

1 of my 2 nephews: Eli & my brother-in-law, Curt (N’s brother)

8. I was nervous about how our little boy would do, but I brought all his bedtime knickknacks, and followed our normal every night routine and he fell right asleep and actually slept through all the fireworks! N and I have a hard sleeper on our hands, this is news to us, but we will take it!

the beautiful view and sunset on the 4th.

9. Our little dude had the worlds largest blow out two nights ago! It fire hosed out the side of his diaper and destroyed his new outfit, and when I carried him upstairs I felt a wet something on my arm. When I set him on the changing table, I realized quickly that it was poop… After wiping my arm off, I started to clean up Kellan and as I opened up his diaper, there was only a tiny bit of poop inside the diaper, the majority had flown out the side. Now, trying to get a poopy-soaked onesie up over his head without getting poop on his arms or head is a challenge. I still don’t have that quite down yet, so as I am rolling the onesie up and over I get some of that sweet smelling juice on his arm… Sorry lil’ boy! Thank goodness it was just about bath time, because he sure needed a good wipe down, as did mommy. Hooray!
10. I absolutely love sugar-free Rockstar! Enough said.


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