nappy time??

Okay, so we have decided to try and lay down our sweet little boy for a “nap” for the past 3 days.  Today is day obviously day three and it is not going well.  I always lay him down with a full tummy and clean diaper and he just starts wailing.  It is so painful to listen to him cry for a little bit, but I hope that within the next two weeks he will catch on and just fall asleep.  He is not a napper, per say, due to the fact that he sleeps from 8:30pm to around 7:30am every night.  I had kept on wondering about naps, does he need them?  Is he getting enough sleep at night?  Is this why he doesn’t really take a full “nap” during the day?  So I asked my trusty Momma and sister and they both agreed to try giving him naps for the next two weeks and see what happens… 11 more to go, oh boy…

our favorite time of the day.

enjoying the suds.

all done.

my boys.

me & my angel boy

Mommy can’t listen to those sad cries any longer… time to go get my little boy… wipe those tears (if he has any)…


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