1. On Sunday, Noel kept on telling me he wanted to bake some chocolate chip cookies. By the fourth time, I told him where the recipe was, and he got started. Now, I have never seen him bake anything, so I knew this would be interesting… Question after question, “where is the baking powder?”, “does granulated sugar mean the regular white sugar?”, “what is a teaspoon look like?”… After answering all these and many more, I went into the kitchen and what do ya know? I see cookie dough! I was so proud and happy that I didn’t have to be present in the kitchen over-seeing all this, I could use my knowledge and guidance skills to help my hubby make his dough!! Now, we have enough cookies to last us for at least a week, thanks babe!
2. After watching the Jaycee Lee Dugard interview, I am so upset and emotionally wrecked from everything she went through for 18 years of her life. I pray for all those helpless abducted children out there. So sad.
3. Can’t wait for two weddings we get to be a part of next month! It will be so exciting to watch our friends get married and share in their joy and happiness.
4. We have been eating fresh fruit and veggies everyday and night since summer has begun. It will be a sad day when it comes to an end…
5. I just about ate an entire bag of cheddar and sour cream baked ruffles chips last night. Have you tried them before? They are my fav!
6. Little boy is continuing to breastfeed, but he is starting to play around while eating, and I am wondering how long he will want to nurse for? It is something I cherish, I just can’t imagine the day when we stop our special nursy time and I have to spoon feed my little angel. Boo…
7. N and I are watching the “Rocky” movies, so every night we watch or attempt to watch an entire movie… This never happens due to the fact that N works all day everyday (cherry harvest has begun), and I am with the little dude all day, we are both so exhausted by the time evening comes around, we just want to sleep. Anyway, we are on “Rocky 2”, and I just love it! I can’t believe I have never seen all the movies before, but hopefully by weeks end I will be able to say I have!
8. This month we get to celebrate four birthday parties!! I love birthdays, and being a family member of two large families, we celebrate someones birthday ever single month of the year!
9. Kellan loves bath time, and I think it’s the water he enjoys so much, so we bought a little blowup pool to enjoy this summer, and he loves it! This makes me soo happy because I was a little guppy during my childhood, so I can’t wait until the day when he starts actually swimming by himself.

10. I cooked a lasagna for our dinner last night with corn on the cobs, cottage cheese and fresh fruit as our sides… Yummy!  Oh, and how can I forget to mention those delicious chocolate chip cookies my hubby made on Sunday as our dessert?  I can’t help but eat at least two after every meal… hello calories!


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