We made it to the gym this morning, or should I say afternoon?  Anyway, we got there and I got to work out for 40 minutes!  I sort of did my own thing versus taking a class (like I usually do), and it turned out great!  I am already sore, and feel like an actual “gym go-er” when I can go.  My goal is to go at least twice a week from now on!  I hope that I fulfill this goal of mine, because a lot of people I know have gym memberships and just don’t go because they are “to tired”, “don’t feel like”, “don’t have a gym partner”… and I had been saying these things too, but you just gotta go!  Half the battle is knowing that I can just be relaxing at home with little K-man and enjoying our time, so I will put it on my calendar to go and I WILL GO!!  Determination.

It was raining the other morning, and my hubby sent me some pictures of Maria (our helicopter lady) drying off our world famous cherries:

I decided to have a little photo session with my family, here are some of the photos I (and Noel) snapped:


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