the chopper came for a visit.

So, as Noel and I are finishing up with our dinner last night we both hear this loud vroom vroom out in the front of our house.  I was thinking to myself, oh great another neighbor just bought a loud motorcycle.  As we walk towards the window to investigate, we see N’s brother Curt riding his chopper.   We made our way outside, but not without little Kellan and go check out the bike.  The thing I should tell you about Curt is that he loves bikes, choppers, cars, basically anything he can toy with and make that much better.  His bike was pretty badass before, but since he has been adding little things here and there to it (I don’t know what the lingo is, so bare with me), it is BA to the extreme!!  I have never ridden on a motorcycle before, nor do I intend to at any time in the near future, but this is the bike I would like to ride on.  (With N driving of course!!)  We thought Kellan should get his first “sitting ride” on Uncle Curt’s chopper, so we put him on with his Uncle and he loved it!  Of course.  What little boy wouldn’t love a cool bike, right?  Then N said, “no tattoos or bikes until you are over 18 years old little boy”… oh great, our sweet little dude has a Daddy that says he can ride choppers already, and a Mommy who is scared to death of them, hmmmm who will win this battle???


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