On Friday night, Noel and I had date night! We both had been looking forward to it all week… We left our little man with N’s sister, Leah and her two kids and hubby up at our house… That way all of Kellans toys would be accessible for them to use in case little K-man decided to be a fussy dude. N and I went to Gateway cinema and watched Super 8. It was pretty cool, I usually am not into sci-fi movies, but it kept me entertained the entire time.

N is the one who loves going to the movies, I usually can wait until they come out on DVD but since my hubby loves going to the show, how can I say no? Plus I absolutely love movie theater popcorn. I always eat way to much and get a tummy ache shortly after leaving the cinema. I never learn, it’s too good to not buy any when we go…

Saturday was spent just chillen at home with Kellan while N went to work in the morning and afternoon. It was a rainy day and we had to spray the cherries off a few times, darn that rain!! Hopefully not to many stem splits or damage to those little two biters! When N came home from work we watched the movie Just Go With It, we had watched it in the theater but both really liked it, so we rented it again to entertain us. It didn’t fail… Then I decided to make us a chicken gumbo meatball dinner with some rice as a side, and it was pretty yummy. I can always tell when N likes a meal I have prepared, because he will always go back for seconds or thirds… So while I enjoy my meal he gets up and goes to get more food… My work here is done.

Today was the womens 2011 gold cup championship game for soccer. It was the United States versus Japan. After 120 minutes of play time it was time for a shoot out. Japan ended up winning by one goal, 3-2.

Hope Solo- USA goalkeeper

We had a BBQ over at my parents house and watched the game with some friends and of course my family. I baked a cherry pie, a chicken salad mix which I will proudly name “Katie June’s mix” because it was a creation that I came up with this morning. It was a huge hit!! I got compliment after compliment on it… Makes my day when people enjoy my food.

It’s time for bath time for the little dude, nursey time, then bedtime… Goodnight ya’ll!


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