two books

I had been anticipating two books that I had ordered from, “A stolen life” by Jaycee Lee Dugard and a Jenny McCarthy novel.

For those of you who don’t know who this lady is, this is Jenny: 

Jenny writes the most entertaining books. She writes about her life, but her sense of humor makes me laugh out loud while reading her books. This will be my fourth book by Jenny, and I know I will enjoy it just as much as the other three. After watching the Jaycee interview, I was so interested in her life that I decided to preorder the book she wrote about her ‘stolen life’. My books arrived on Friday, and I immediately started the Jaycee book… I am almost done reading it.

The cover of Jaycee’s book:


It is just so intriguing and I know that her story ends with a happy ending, so that makes it easier to read knowing that she gets saved from her abductors. It feels amazing to sit down with a book and read! I used to read everyday before our little Kellan arrived, and since his birth I have not read any “me” books, only “baby” books. So, this is a wonderful thing!!

My sweet little boy is finally taking naps.  I shouldn’t say that in case I jinx it, but he now actually falls asleep after a little bit of crying and stays asleep for a short period of time.  I am continuing to lay him down for his “naps” every day, sometimes we don’t get the napping result, but at least we both are trying to get this nap thing down.

I snapped a few photos of our animals the other night, they were our babies before we had our sweet babe… Braden Prada is the kitty and Callum is our dog:


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