…nursed Kellan…

Today was a productive day! Had my breakfast smoothie, nursed Kellan, took a shower, nursed Kellan, went to the gym, went to Fred Meyers to pick up pictures that I had developed (for little boys photo album), nursed Kellan, did a load of laundry, ate some lunch, nursed Kellan, went for a walk around the neighborhood, did another load of laundry, nursed Kellan, labeled pictures, Daddy came home, Daddy got little boy to take a nap, I ate some dinner, nursed Kellan, Daddy ate some dinner, Daddy left for hockey, gave little boy a bath, nursed Kellan, put little boy to bed… Whew! Everyday is pretty busy, but the only thing that remains the same is nursing my sweet little Kellan.

always sticking his fingers in his mouth… constantly telling him “that’s too deep little boy”

figured out how to twist in his ‘bumbo’, so now when things catch his eye he reaches for them… oh boy!

I finished my Jaycee Dugard book, and it was a very good read! I couldn’t put it down. My Mom got first dibs on reading it after I was done, so I sent it off with Noel tonight to give to my Dad at hockey. I know she will read it in two days or so, then its been shipped off to my sister in law, Leah. Any Mother should read this book, it was definitely hard to read certain parts of it, but knowing the ending is a joyful one made it a little easier to read the sad words Jaycee wrote.

All in all it was a great day, can’t wait for tomorrow! Jami is coming up with her two girls to hang out with me and my little dude in the afternoon, yay!!!


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