first rollover

love that drool coming down from his chin onto his shirt.

Last night sweet Kellan rolled over for the first time!!  I was more excited than Noel or Kellan!  I just smiled and Noel and I looked at each other with big smiles, we both couldn’t believe what we just watched our son do!  It is so amazing the thrill you can get by the littlest things.  But the little things are what matter the most in life.  And the best part was that both Noel and I got to watch him for the first time roll over!  I was so afraid that N would miss that, and I am so thankful that he got to be witness to it.  By N working all day everyday, I fear that he might miss some of K-man’s “firsts”, but he hasn’t missed anything!  Thank god.


& after… ta daa!

Little boy is one fussy dude today!  I still call him my angel, but nothing seems to please him.  I nurse him, and he pulls away like he is playing a game with me.  Then he smiles up at me, like “Look Mommy, look what I can do now!” all proud, but it is more challenging to nurse.  I love our special time together, but I am getting a little nervous and sad as to why he is doing this and if he doesn’t want to nurse anymore.  Let’s face it, giving a bottle would be much easier, and we will stop nursing when he grows tired of it, but I don’t want to.  He is getting to be more and more alert each day, making new sounds, cooing in a different tone and just “growing up” so-to-speak.  I anticipated N coming home, and when he did I got a breather.  (Right now, as a matter of fact.)  So as I sit here, drinking my diet Mountain Dew and just blogging away, I am getting some much needed quiet Mommy time.  It is wierd to have a quiet house!  It is so strange typing that, but ever since Kellan came into our lives, it has been nothing but noise coming from that little guy!

So anyway, I strapped Kellan into the ergo and away they went… doing yardwork of course.  We decided a new way to have Kellan in the ergo, he is now sitting in it in the “backpack” way.

  I got nervous because it looks like he can’t breathe back there, but I made sure he got his oxygen and they started their first chore: picking up dog poop.  What a joy!  I guess you could say we have a traditional marriage, meaning N takes care of the outside of the house: edging, mowing the lawn, weeding (well not really because N sprayed our yard with some sort of chemical, so now we don’t even have to worry about the damn weeds), picking up dog poo, and any other sort of outdoor task.  He is quite the handy man too!  Thankfully whenever I need something fixed, shelves put up, ect, he can usually do it!  I GET the pleasure of (bwahahaha): doing the laundry, keeping the house clean, bathrooms clean, making dinner, doing the dishes, changing the sheets, ect… usually I do them with a smile on my face, but since having our little guy I just don’t want to do any of that stuff and just want stare and watch my little boy and wonder to myself, “what is he gunna do next?”


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