Double birthday.

Watched “Blue Valentine” last night with Noel, and it was pretty dramatic. I have enjoyed watching Ryan Gosling in every movie after I first watched him in “The Notebook”, (doesn’t every girl love that movie?) and this movie was no different. Michelle Williams is the actress in the movie and she did a great job as well. Noel really likes dramas, but he gets so into watching movies that he gets mad at the characters, talks to the TV, and gets all worked up. This movie was released in theaters for Valentines Day 2011, and it was definitely not a lovey-dovey, kissy-smoochy type movie… I wonder what people thought after leaving the theater on V-day? I would recommend anyone to watch this movie, it was entertaining, despite how Noel felt about it…

On a different note, today is a birthday celebration out at my inlaws home at Turtle Rock (or TR as I like to call it), for my brother in law, Freddy and my niece, Maya! I can’t wait to party and visit with everyone. Great food, family, friends, boating, laughter… I just love spending an entire day by the water with people I love!! I made my Grans famous recipe, a cold pasta dish that includes: bacon, mayo, green onions, bell peppers, salt, pepper, sea-shell pasta, and a dash of paprika on top. I also had some extra time this morning (only because I woke up at 6am for some god foresaken reason), so I decided to make some homemade brownies to take out to TR for everyone to snack on!

Better get going though, Noel just got home and it’s time to go party… Adios!


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