1.  Yesterday was the hardest, well most mentally exhausting day, I have had in a long time. Kellan’s name should have been changed to fussy man! Literally the only time he was quiet was when he was nursing. & then he plays around while nursing, so I don’t think he gets all the milk out and so 30 minutes after we are done, he starts fussing again… oh little boy, what is our strategy today gunna be???
2. I am sick. Last night, my throat felt scratchy, and this morning when I woke up I could barely swallow my own saliva… Mommy’s are not supposed to get sick. We shall see how this goes, or how long it lasts…
3. About two months ago, I had bought some crafty stuff from Craft Warehouse to decorate Kellan’s room with, and completed my projects in a few days or so. I was all excited, because this was the last few details that I wanted completed in order to have the nursery “all done”. Well, last week N put up the shelf and mirror on one of the walls and the other shelf I bought for the opposing wall is still laying on the floor. He has his toolbox-bucket thing laying on the floor, the screw-gun is still on the dresser along with his writing tool and some other screws and nails… I hope that puts that stuff up today, or I might attempt to do it myself and that would not be a pretty thing to see.
4. Oh the laundry pile-up, we meet again… I guess in a way being sick has its perks, staying home and doing laundry, yay!
5. Last Saturday, little boy and I went over to my parents house because my sister’s family came into town! I miss them so much, so it was nice to spend the entire day just visiting and playing with my niece and nephew. We took a walk down to the river and played in the water.

Walked back and everyone was exhausted (I think from the sun mainly), and little boy found his thumb, finally. He has found it a few times, but he was really going to town on that thing…

6.  Kellan sure loves his Grandpa!  He is just content sitting in his lap and looking at him, I think it might be the facial hair (goatee thing), because both of Kellan’s Grandpa’s have it, and I think it’s comforting for him… either that or just that both Grandpa’s have funny voices when they talk to him…

7.  Leah (N’s sister) always makes the best salsa in the world!  We had quite the chips, salsa, bean dip party-in-our-mouth appetizers:

8.  Filled up our little blow up pool this morning, hopefully we can go for a little dip this afternoon… if the water heats up to nice warm temperature.

9.  Just noticed N forgot his lunch, again… he usually remembers it because it’s the second to last thing I mumble to him in the morning… first being, “I love you”.

10.  Family of 3, oh how I love my boys:


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