Date night

Friday nights used to be our date night. Since our sweet little Kellan embraced us, we no longer have every Friday as our date night. It is a random night during the week or weekend and consists of either a dinner out or a movie at Gateway (I feel like a special lady going to the new cinema versus the old Liberty)… I am the one who makes the arrangements for a babysitter (a family member), and plans the entire evening… Don’t all women or Mommys plan everything anyway? Men just show up and wonder whats on the agenda or don’t bother to ask and just go with the flow. Since today is Friday, Noel called me this morning and said “It’s Friday, its date night! What are we gunna do?”. I wanted to ask him “oh, did you plan something hunny?” but I just smiled and said “I don’t know hunny, we will figure it out when you come home from worky…”

To be honest, I enjoy going out for a drive through the orchards, and looking at all the beautiful cherries on the trees or even getting out of the house at all, so I think after our dinner tonight we will go for an orchard tour. Kellan really likes the fresh air and the smell of the rows and rows of fruit trees, so that is the plan for our date night.

Noel and I do have our couple only adult nights, usually twice or three times a month. It is very nice leaving our little boy with people we trust and spend some quality time with my hubby. But its interesting now what we talk about over dinner… “Kellan did this today”, “When should we start giving him baby food?”, “I think he might be teething”, “Kellan had the biggest blowout this morning!”…  Sure we are a family of three now, and have the sweetest little boy, it’s just hard to not talk about him, especially to his Daddy. I feel so lucky to have a son, a little boy who I adore and have a love for that I can’t express to anyone. Only a Mother knows what I am talking about… its just funny how having our own ‘adult’ date nights, we still consume ourselves with our sweet little dude. Is this what my parents did when I was just a baby? Probably, huh?



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