Pure joy.

Tomorrow is my sweet little boys 4 month checkup with his doctor. I am a little nervous for it because I don’t know if he is going to get more shots, probably though, I should expect him to get shots every time… That way when he doesn’t have to it will be a pleasant surprise, maybe I will try that form of thinking, maybe. I can’t believe I have had four amazing months with my little man, watching him grow, listening to his sounds, watching him bond with his Daddy, making him smile and laugh, just everything about him is pure joy. I always wondered what being an actual Mommy feels like, and have asked myself many times “Am I doing this right?”, but in the end, I am Kellans Mommy and anything and everything I do for him and with him is right. Noel and myself get to make the judgement and chance to raise our son the way we want to. It has been such a blessing having our little Kellan, and I wonder what even the next eight months will bring us. I am imagining some of these glorious things:
-Hopefully still nursing
-Mommy making baby food
-More rolling over
-Sitting up all by himself
-Crawling towards a hockey stick?
-Walking around the rink??
-Possibly a sweet ‘ma ma’ or ‘da da’
-Pulling my hair
-Putting together our little dudes high chair
-Buying some bibs!
-Taking out the newborn insert in his whale tub
-Daddy to finish putting shelves up in the nursery…

So much to experience and learn, you gotta live day by day.


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