my little boy

1. My little boy had his four month checkup today! His weight is now: 14 pounds- 30% percentile, height is now 26.25 inches- 90% percentile and his head circumference is now 16- 6% percentile. It’s hard to believe how quickly he is growing, I guess it’s mainly because I see him all day-every day and when people tell me how “BIG” he’s getting, I just stare at them like they have four heads because he still seems so small (in my eyes). I will always call him my little boy, even when he is towering above me…

what his feet look like in action:

2. Yesterday was my nephew, Jackson Ace Hill’s, third birthday! I can’t believe it, he is growing up so fast!! I remember holding him when he was only a few weeks old and thinking to myself “I can’t wait to have a sweet little boy just like Jackson”, luckily my wish came true. Jackson has blessed our family with so many memories, laughs, and smiles that I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring him. Oh sweet baby J, we love you!
3. I am finally getting better (with my sickness). I have had a sore throat for the past week, plugged up and I might mention RAW nose, and today I can actually talk with only a little nasaly to my voice. Being sick is the worst feeling, especially when you have to be in tip-top shape when you have a newborn at home who requires a lot of your time… thankfully I am at the end of the road with my sickness.
4. Went over to my parents house this afternoon for a visit, and we looked at my senior year pictures from high school, it seems like only yesterday when I was a senior. I was sitting next to my little brother, Lachlan, who is now a senior and I just can’t believe it! My little brother will be graduating next June, and it brought a tear to my eye. I am so proud of him and have an unconditional love for him (and all my siblings), just watching him grow into a young man is life changing for me. I love you little brother.
5. I skipped my normal lunch today and ate some crab dip with some club crackers… Glad I did! It was delicious!!
6. Thinking about switching to cloth diapers… I have to research it some more and ask my Mom and people I know that have used cloth diapers with their children what their opinion on using them were/are.
7. Love my reality shows, so happy she picked JP… & can’t wait till next Monday for Bachelor Pad!!! Carly, my sister, and I always watch these shows and gossip about them with each other, I am counting on you to be as loyal as I am sis!
8. Just finished baking our dinner, an angel hair pasta mexi-dish. It is super yummy and rarely have leftovers after this meal, will divulge the recipe tomorrow, perhaps…
9. Noel is at a golf tourny today, the weather is HOTT, so hopefully he isn’t dying out there and if he is, hope that he has a cold drink or brewski in his hand.
10. Little boy had 2 shots today, I forgot to mention that, and he was SCREEEEAAAAAMING the entire time, oh sweet lil boy, next appointment you don’t have to get any shots, thank god!


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