Noel, Kellan and myself ventured over to my parents house last night for a special and sad reason. My older brother Alex is driving back down to Santa Clara to complete his schooling to become a lawyer. As I am so incredibly proud of him, I miss him dearly when he is away. The next time we will get to see him, the snow will be falling, Kellan might be crawling, and oh sweet lord, my favorite time of the year will be upon us: HOCKEY time!! Oops I got carried away there for a minute, back to my story… now earlier on in the morning, I made homemade snickerdoodle cookies to take over there. (I ate too much batter and had a tummy ache the entire afternoon, but it was sugary goodness and it was staring at me, what’s a baker to do? I have to taste test my food afterall…) So, we get there and Alex and his friend Albert were out fishing. I hoped they would return soon, and they did, with actual fish!

As everyone watched them de-gut them, chop their heads off and clean them out with their fingertips, my Mom and I preceded to scream bloody murder and run back into the house… poor Kellan.

The giddy man holding the wee fish is my brother, Alex.

Our sweet lil’ dude started wailing and Daddy had to take him and calm him down…

 I actually ate some of the fish they had cooked up, and it was quite tasty.  A free dinner and a fresh one at that!  I like that combo.  As our night came to an end, and I was walking out to my car to load up little boy, I gave my brother a hug and turned away (I was crying), and then I yelled back at him, “I LOVE YOU” and heard these words yelled back to me “I LOVE YOU TOO!”


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