this & this

Starting on Friday, we did this:

and this:

Then Noel came home and we  drove to Federal Way and then Puyallup to see these three special people (Ross, Carol & Gary):

and who can forget the bride & groom (Jamie & Bo):

and their kiss:

In the distance, by the playground, you see those two people??  The guy in the blue shirt & black pants is my brother in law, Josh and the tiny pink speck is my niece Ali:

oh and there’s me and my little man:

uhhh and chewing on Mommy’s hair:

Then on Saturday morning, we played in the pool:

and my sister, Carly and niece, Ali joined in on the fun:

then someone fell asleep on the drive…

…to the zoo:

do you see the elephant??  Kellan did!

and then Kellan did this with his Daddy (they are petting a goat):


You could say we had a pretty amazing weekend!  Full of love, laughs, smiles, chatter, and who can forget the continuous spit up in my hair??  We are blessed!



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