I have so many questions that I am thinking about today, like:

–  Why is my baby boy a little bit constipated?

–  Why do I love frapitas so much?

–  How come I get so upset whenever I see dog or cat hair lying around in clumps on my carpet?

–  Does my husband know exactly how much I love him?

–  Does he know how much I appreciate everything he does for our family?

–  Why don’t dishwashers only take ten minutes to wash and dry dishes?  What is the need for an hour-long process?? It serves me no good and is loud and obnoxious!

–  Why don’t they make baby clothes that are for extra long babies like mine? He requires a six to nine month onesie (depending on the brand) only for it’s length and it’s so baggy everywhere else because he is a lean-eating-machine… Will someone please create a clothing line for “tall” babies?

–  Is there a place in town where I can get feathers put into my hair?

–  Why is winter so far away? (But the good news is that only one more month until I get to watch my brothers play hockey, ahhh, it can’t get here fast enough…)

–  Why does my sweet lil’ Kellan still cry in the car?

–  Why is gas  so expensive?

–  Why don’t they make more nursing friendly tops and dresses? Hello, its wedding season designers, get on that por favor.

No more questions for the moment, however in a few minutes, I am sure I will have 1,058 more questions that will require some answers. Does everyone have questions that they’d like to ask and get answers to, or is it just me?  Thought I would end with some pictures of my favorite boys:


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