Last night as Noel came up to bed, he said, Guess what hunny? I think Braden caught a mouse and its in the house!. Like all proud to tell me that. I was terrified, great, another thing we have to do before going to bed. As I waited for Noel to go back downstairs and do some detective work and find that nasty rodent, he proceeded to lay his head down on the pillow… Hmmmmm, okay? So now I will be sleeping with one eye open and waiting for a four-legged tail wisping thing to scurry on up to my bed and run across my face… Joy. Luckily for Noel, I awoke this morning and did not find any gizzards or presents from our sweet little Braden, just him purring by my tootsies. Thank god.

Now onto my day, whew what a day we had. And by we, I am referring to little Kellan and myself. Oh a fussy baby is what was up.


Mentally draining & exhausting.


Decided to pull Mommy’s hair.

Changed his clothes five times.

Spit up everywhere.

You should come over and take a look at my hair! Seriously don’t, it is not attractive at the moment, just take my word for it. After a loooooong day, I got to give my sweet boy a bath and he was all smiles and giggling away. Ah hah, he just wanted some bubbles and to be all wrapped up in his froggy towel…

[patiently waiting for his bath]

My hands were all shaky because I was hungry, again, that’s why the camera took “blurry” pictures.  My fault, not the cameras.  Although, I do need a new camera, perhaps a birthday idea to give to my hubby??  My big 2-6 is in exactly 13 days, woop woop!! 

Ahhhhh, he is down folks! Down for the night. Not a peep outta him. All that adorable crying all day must have worn him out. Wore me out too. Goodnight.


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