5 facts

5 facts about today:

#1 – My sweet Momma is going to watch Kellan for me for the afternoon so I can have some “me” time.  You are the best Mom!!!  Oh, how I love you!

#2 – Lunchdate with my wonderful husband, where I can enjoy a warm meal and adult conversation with my hard working farmer man!

#3 – Pedicure and Tanning are on the agenda.

#4 – Little boy is still sleeping, which means I have had a quiet morning all to myself.

#5 – Noel made us breakfast this morning.  I love when he does this!  I always order 2 poached eggs with a slice of toast, my favorite of all time.  There are so many delicious breakfast choices, but I always end up going with the same old thing I have enjoyed since my childhood.  Thanks Dad for being the poached egg King in my life, but you got some competition with Noel.  He can make a mean double poached for me…

Off to a good morning, an even better afternoon, and an amazing evening spent with my two favorite boys… Cheers!


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