cowboy boots

What a weekend!  Friday was our date night, we enjoyed a sweet cool treat and movie watching time of “Source Code”.  That was a pretty good movie, after it was done, I of course had multiple questions, as did Noel, so we sat there trying to give each other answers, the best we could come up with then it was nighty night for us.  Saturday, Noel had to work all day, booooooooooo… we sure do miss him!  Another bonus to winter is that Noel will be home with us every weekend to lay around, snuggle with little boy and help me with whatever I need.  As much as I love eating those two biter cherries, I miss my husband and can’t wait to have him all to myself again.  I am selfish like that.  When Noel came home from work on Saturday, he changed little boy and spent some time with him then he came downstairs and he had Kellan wearing some cowboy boots and his little Carhartt onesie, ahhhhhh a photography session is upon us, yes it sure is!  Here are some of the photos I captured:


Yesterday was a fun day!  My Mom, and lil’ boy got to attend an event.  A baby shower to be exact for my friend, Sarah and her unborn baby girl, Emma.  It was beautiful!  The house it was hosted at was built in 1903, and I secretly wanted to go through the entire home just looking at all the interesting architecture and everything, but sadly I couldn’t.  Noel absolutely loves those old style homes, so hopefully if it ever is on the market, I will get my wish, and drag Noel with me to check out that amazing home!  Then we came back to my home for a Salmon BBQ.  It was delicious!  Noel did great with the salmon (freshly caught from Kenai River, thanks Nathan!), burgers, hot dogs, and appetizers.  My Mom brought over a green salad with shrimp and some of my favorite potato rolls.  I just had to bake a cherry crisp and do the corn on the cob.  It was truly a sweet ending to a wonderful weekend!  My little brothers came as well, as did my Dad and it was a lot of fun just talking and laughing.  My Mom and I are literally two peas in a pod.  We get along so great, she is my best friend (don’t worry hunny, you are my best friend too), and we can just look each other and know what the other one is thinking.  I love that!  We are blessed.  Truly blessed!


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