sneaky little guy

1.  My goal for today was to prep everything needed for my “Salsa Canning Experience”, so that way tonight when lil’ boy goes down for the night, I can just whip out my ingredients and can!  The recipe says it will make 4 pints, but I doubt that.  I think it will make at least 8, but I guess we shall see, I have never canned Salsa before so this will be a new experience for me…

2.  I want to go to the “Farmers Market” in town, but have no idea where it is, what the times are and what the days are.  Can someone please inform me of these things???

3.  The bird killer AKA our sweet dog, Callum is at it again folks.  There was a mouse in our house by my kitchen garbage can, wait let me back up here.  On Sunday evening, as you know we had a Salmon BBQ with my family at my house.  Well while this was going on and everyone was just talking, my brothers were playing Scrabble and Callum was sniffing around, Noel says “There’s a mouse right there!  Callum, get the mouse, get the mouse!”  While Noel says this, I freak out and do a little dance around the kitchen trying to dodge  the scary mouse while my two brothers proceed to lift their legs up onto their chairs so they don’t get bit (smart brothers, why didn’t I just stand on the table?), and Callum gets right in there, bites the mouse (the mouse is now hanging out of his mouth and the tail is swaying), while he proudly trots off outside and flips it around to show us what he caught.  My Mom was not in the room while all this was going on, but I wish she were.  I would have probably died from laughing, she does not like mice.  She actually doesn’t like anything that isn’t in a cage, well those small disease rats, mice, toads, spiders, gophers… anything like that she just doesn’t like.  Who can blame her?  I don’t either!  Like Mother like daughter.

4.  My little boy is rolling over without an audience now.  Horray!  Yesterday he kept on rolling over from back to tummy, again and again and again.  I recorded it for Noel to watch when he came home, what a good wife I am.  Then this morning, I was in the kitchen getting my coffee all ready to drink and I look down at him and he had just rolled over onto his tummy.  I didn’t even get to see him perform this acrobatic move!  Such a sneaky little guy, trying to fool me like he can’t do it for a few weeks, then boom!  It’s all he wants to do now.

5.  Changing diapers has changed!  Oh my.  He is on the changing table trying to roll off the damn thing and this means you always have to keep your eye on him or your hand, because that would be a terrible thing to happen.  God, could you imagine?  Having your baby just roll off the table?  So sad.   Anyway, I wanted to write about Noel trying to change  Kellan’s diaper now that he is swaying his little body all around everywhere.  Last night after little K-man’s bath, Noel is the one who puts his diaper on him, and I was sitting there, trying to silent laugh, but couldn’t help myself and busted out laughing.  Noel looks up, so serious and says, “Hunny, can you help me?  Can you hold his hands or something?”  This made me laugh even harder (I am right now too, thinking about this funny event).  I did of course help my husband out, and then I said “Hunny, you know, he is going to be harder to diaper now that he found out what he can do…”  I know he realizes this, but he is just such a proud Daddy and always eager to help and do things with Kellan, so when he is struggling or Kellan isn’t cooperating, I just have to chuckle at him.  What a good Daddy he is!  Patience.

6.  Our dinner tonight was AMAZING!  I tried out a new recipe.  It’s a chicken tortilla soup in the slowcooker.  I will share it with you tomorrow.  I have been smelling it all day long and was dying to eat it tonight, luckily it was just that good!  Plus I got 3 fresh avocados to make guacamole with, and that was delish as well.  I love avocados and guacamole is one of my favorite things to eat.

7.  Washed, laundered and put away four loads of laundry today…. yikes.  Thank god that is done!

8.  I have been really lazy lately.  I do not want to go to the gym.  I do, but I don’t.  It’s like a self battle with the gym.  How can I get motivated??? 

9.  My friend Stacey is  getting married on Saturday to the love of her life, Tyler.  Noel, Kellan and myself will be attending, and it will be just beautiful.  I love weddings, and it always reminds me of my wonderful husband and or wedding day.  I always cry.  I am emotional, I can’t help it. 

10.  Next Sunday, August 21st, we are celebrating my 26th birthday out at my in laws home at TR.  YES!   Noel asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said “All I wanna do is wake board and be with our families…”  Both my ‘wants’ will be coming true.  I can not wait!  It will be such a beautiful day! 



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