Kellan’s cookies?

Every Wednesday night, Noel goes down to the rink and does his favorite thing, he plays hockey. Goalie to be exact. And he is gone for 3 hours, which gives me enough time to bath little boy, nurse him, put him to bed then its “Mommy time”! For the past three or four weeks I have been looking all over town for some teething biscuits for Kellan, and can not find them anywhere. What I did find looked less than appealing and I didn’t really want to give my little boy something that I wouldn’t eat, so I started looking up recipes online for some homemade teething biscuits. Wow! Overwhelming. There are a 3849 different recipes for these little biscuits: Dairy free, egg free, Italian biscuits, Vanilla biscuits, sugar free, gluten and wheat free… The list goes on and on. I am not big on following such rules as “Don’t give your child this until they are one year of age! Don’t do this until they are over six months of age!”. To many “don’ts” and not enough “do’s” if you ask me, and I am his Mommy so I can do whatever I want anyway, Noel agrees with me on this so we just kinda wing it. Now, don’t get me wrong, he still nurses every 2 hours, and that all the food he is getting, but it’s time to start venturing away from the boob and giving him little tastes here and there. (Got a little off track there, let me finish my story…)

So, I found a recipe I liked, had all the ingredients for, and started making these little teething treats for my little dude. Simple. Easy. When Noel came home last night from hockey he said his usual line, “Well, hockey was good tonight!”. And we talked a little bit about his night between the pipes, then he said, “I think a mouse ate one of your cookies down there hunny…” to which I replied, how do you know it was a mouse? And he said “Well there was one missing off your baking sheet”, and I gave him the look of death, and then asked, was it a mouse or was it you? He smiled oh so sweetly (I could smell the cookie on his breath) and said “Well I can’t help it if one fell off the cookie sheet babe”, good one hunny. He just cracks me up.

[notice the one that is missing?? like I wouldn’t notice that or anything]

On a different note, but sorta similar, my brother in law Josh and I always laugh about the word Teething Biscuit. It sounds like a dog biscuit, and those are gross. Well, they aren’t for humans to eat, but they smell stinky anyway, so I need to come up with a better word for Kellan’s little treats. Ewwwwww, even saying that it still sounds like a doggy treat. Okay, teething cookies? Kellan cookies? I need to come up with something…

Today on the agenda is getting my hair done! Woohoo!!! I wanted something new, different and fun, so I decided on putting some dark red into my hair. I have never done this before, and am super excited for a new change. A new ‘look’… Here are the pictures I printed out for my hairdresser, Amie, so hopefully she can mimic them. She always does a perfect job with my hair, she’s actually the only person I trust to do my hair (and has cut my hair for the past 11 years)… Cheers to new looks, my friends!

[my future hair color… somewhere in between these would be perfecto!]


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