We win

It is Friday! I am sure you all know that, but that means that it’s date night!! It also means that tomorrow is my friend, Stacey and Tyler’s wedding. And Sunday is my birthday celebration out at TR. We have a fun-filled weekend ahead of us and I am very excited about it. So our date night food is going to be The Peking takeout and movie we have planned is to be determined… Damn Netflix, I was expecting a movie to come in the mail today, but it won’t be here until tomorrow. We love The Peking, we always order the same thing- me: almond fried chicken and fried rice, Noel: general tso’s chicken and fried rice. We are pretty easy to please.

Any movie suggestions? Anyone?? Okay, well I suppose I will let lil’ boy pick it out, and that way him and I will have two votes, and Noel will only have one vote, so we win. Horray! I guess it’s my pick then, errr I mean Kellan’s. I mean really, who can no to this face?

Time to enjoy my husband and little boy, my favorite time of the day… goodnight.


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