Our birth story- 1

This is my birth story. I wanted to share it because it was such a life changing event for me and my husband that I thought I better write it out. In order to remember every little detail from March 30th, 2011… Even though it has been four and a half months since I gave birth to our sweet little boy, I remember it and all the tiny details like it was yesterday. Might be blogged about in a series, just so I can make note of every little thing… Here is our birth story of a family of two becoming a family three.

[me, 40 weeks & 2 days pregnant… the day I started going into labor, March 29th, 2011]

I had a wonderful pregnancy, no complications, no stress, nothing that was abnormal. Noel and I decided during the first few weeks of my pregnancy that we didn’t want to know the gender of the baby. We agreed that as long as our baby was happy and healthy, that was all that mattered. Due to the fact that we didn’t know the gender, we couldn’t call our babe “him” or “her” or the name we had picked out for a girl or boy, so very early on, we started calling our little one “peanut”, and that is the name that stuck for 9 months. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy I was just ready to have our peanut and see if I had been carrying a girl or boy this whole time. As our due date was approaching, on March 28th, I was getting antsy and Noel was comforting me by reassuring me that peanut will come out when peanut wants to. I felt the same way, but man was I ready to meet our sweet baby! Are you a boy? Are you a girl?

I had been having contractions for a number of days, and on March 26th, I thought these were the ‘real deal’ so I told Noel and he suggested we go to the hospital and have the doctors and nurses check me out. As we started driving to the hospital my contractions started going away, dammit. We got to the hospital, got checked out, and got sent home. False alarm. Darn, I did not want to be one of those pregnant women who goes to the hospital because she “thinks” she is in labor, but I was. Joy. I spent the next three days relaxing and timing my contractions, Noel was working, and when he came home from work he was tiling our kitchen for us. He wanted it to be completed by the time our baby was born… And he finished in the knick of time.

On the morning of March 29th, I started having my usual contractions. Then at 11:51am, they hit me hard. This was it. I knew it. I was timing my contractions, like usual, and they were every five to six minutes. And they were painful. I actually had to stop whatever I was doing and just breathe and focus. I had emailed one of my nurse friends, Danielle, and asked her some questions. She told me to take a bath and if the contractions were still occurring while I am in the bath then it’s the real deal. Okay, simple enough. When Noel got come from work, we had decided to order Chinese takeout from The Golden East for our dinner, because the kitchen was not done and I couldn’t cook. So on the drive to get our takeout, I kept on timing and I told him that these were the real deal. He said okay hunny, it’s gunna be alright. Now, it was hockey night for Noel and he asked me if it was still okay if he went down to play. I of course said yes. And if things got more intense, I would call my Mom and have her go yell at Noel at the rink to “GOOO HOME!!!!!” (My parents live across the street from the rink, so that was handy)… Meanwhile, I was at home, timing my contractions and they had gotten to the point where I wanted to test out the bath theory. So I ran a bath, got in and the contractions were still happening. They were hurting me. With every move I made, I was in agonizing pain. I tried relaxing, but how can you relax when all you want to do is scream and yell out loud? I got out of the bath and checked the time, oh good Noel will be home from hockey soon and we can go to the hospital. Logical thinking. Noel came home, and I yelled “I’m up here” and he came barreling up the stairs to find me laying on the bed saying “owwwwwww, oooooooooh, owwwwwwww” over and over again. He said hunny lets go to the hospital, we need to go to the hospital. I agreed, I was in so much pain. He offered me some gentle advice to keep on breathing babe, you’re doing great, lets put our stuff in the car so we can go. I heard him but not really. The hospital was 10 minutes away, but I felt like I was gunna burst on the way. As Noel finished packing my hospital bag, I was dying. I felt like I was. It is a pain I can’t describe, only a soon-to-be-first-time-Mother knows the pain I am talking about. Therefore I will not go into detail of the pain.   Just know it was horrific.  A pain no one told me about.  No one tells you the exact detail of this pain, they sugar coat it, or just avoid the subject all together.  Now I know why.  When it hits you, it hits you like nothing you have ever experienced before in your life.

So, as Noel was being extremely calm and letting me know everything was going to be okay, I got my slippers on and slowly walked down the two sets of stairs down to our garage.  I made sure we had our carseat in the car, and Noel followed me by saying, very excitedly I might add, “Hunny, we are going to have a baby!  We are going to have a baby!!”  Yes my love, we are, now let’s high tail it on over to the hospital.  Noel put our dog, Callum in the kennel and loaded up the car (as I was pacing around the car because for some reason, I just had to keep on moving).  I was nauseous at this moment and remembered to grab a bowl for the car ride, just in case I got sick in the car on the way over.  As Noel started driving down Badger Mountain, I was holding his hand, well death gripping his hand and moaning all the while.  As we got to the bottom of 9th street, (the intersection by 7-11 and that motel), our light was red.  I looked at him, like you better put your foot on the gas and GO!  He looked over at me, and with my glare, he looked both ways, then turned left to cross the bridge.  We are not kidding around, and I did not care about anything besides getting to the hospital.  Noel felt the pain too, but in his hand.  Yes, we made it to the hospital, to the entrance of the Emergency Room to be exact.  Noel went and got me a wheelchair, I left the untouched bowl in the car and he helped me to a sitting position.  He left the car running and ushered me into the ER.  We had to check in, and I was yelling.  Poor ladies in there, good thing there was no one in the waiting room, because I was moaning and holding my tummy and just could not think or talk or anything.  A lady came to wheel me back into the maternity ward, and she said Noel could stay there and finish with the paperwork.  There was no way I was leaving my husband.  So I told her “NO!”, and patiently waited for my husband to finish checking me in, and we were off…

Stay tuned for Our birth story-2…


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