Our birth story- 2

(I highly suggest you read Our birth story- 1 before reading this second part in the series… Just a thought for ya…)

As Noel and I were guided down to the maternity ward, I was holding my tummy the entire way. I wanted to yell, get there faster, but no words came out of my mouth that made sense. All I remember was “owwwwwwwie, owwwwww, ohhhhhhh” for that one minute wheelchair ride, that felt like it took 30 minutes. There was also a lady who was giving us the shortcut to the maternity area of the hospital, and I think she was talking to me or asking me questions, and I could not do anything but breathe and try to focus on what I was supposed to be doing. Yes, we got there. A nurse came in and told me that there is a gown right here, and I will need to take my clothes off. I was in no mood for modesty at this point, so very quickly my clothes came off, the gown went on and then the nurse started asking me questions about my pain level. Now, I will let you know my goal was to make it to 6 or 7 centimeters before getting an epidural if I needed one at all. I told the nurse, “give me something for the pain!”… She did. I got a fentanyl patch, which helped somewhat, but the contractions were still hurting me a whole lot. The nurse then said, would you lay down on the bed so I can check to see how far you are dilated. Sure. No problem. As I laid back, and she checked, she looked up at me and said you are about six and a half centimeters dilated. Wow! I got dilated up to six and a half at home! I was so proud of myself. Noel gave me a look that said way to go hunny!! And he held my hand through every contraction. (The original plan was to call my parents and Noel’s parents on the way to the hospital. But do to the fact that my contractions were so close together, we didn’t call them until we were at the hospital and “settled in”.) So Noel called both our parents and let them know that we were gunna have our baby tonight. My parents showed up in 20 minutes. Noel’s Dad was down in Finley and his Mom was asleep. (They came the following day to see our little boy.) They, meaning the contractions, started getting worse, and I said, babe I need an epidural. He just wanted me to be comfortable, so whatever I needed I got. The entire process of getting an epidural took about 20 minutes or so. I had to sit at the edge of the bed sort of hunched over, and was holding Noel’s hands. I kept on having contractions, and I was told to sit still. Yeah right. However, I was able to do it. Those Lamaze classes paid off! I barely felt a prick, I think this was because my contractions were a million times worse.

After about 5 minutes, I was smiling and talking. Wow. I didn’t know that it would be so immediate, but I was grateful. I could enjoy my labor now. Well, for the time being anyway…

Stay tuned for Our birth story- 3


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