Our birth story- 3

(Please read Our birth story- 1 & 2 before reading part 3…)

So as the epidural was working, my parents were in the labor and delivery room with Noel, myself and the nurses and the Doctor, and we were talking about hockey, if my sister, Carly was going to drive up to Wenatchee for the birth of our baby, and anything to keep my mind off from any discomfort or pain I might be experiencing.  I was not experiencing any.  I was content.  I had my husband by my side and my loving parents.  I was good to go.  The Dr. came into the room and checked me out and told us that I was just about to 10 centimeters dilated and I could start pushing anytime.  YES!  As I said goodbye to my parents (I only wanted Noel and myself in the room while I was pushing), they patiently went to the waiting area and did just that, waited.  I immediately started pushing and nothing was happening.  Ummmmm, I was waiting for a head to pop out or something cool to happen, but I just kept on pushing and pushing… I told Noel to grab the large mirror (we were smart and bought a large hand held mirror, so while I was pushing I could see what was going on).  It was awesome to see the progress that I was doing.  Because lord, it felt like nothing was happening.  Every contraction I had, I was holding my breath and pushing 3 or 4 times.  I was worn out.  I felt like I was working out.  I had lost my breath, but I wanted to keep on pushing, just as hard as I did in the begininng.  After two hours of pushing, the Dr. came in and said “Okay, let’s get this baby out!”  I smiled, thank god!  I was exhausted.  He told me when to push, and I did as instructed.  I was looking up at Noel and holding his hand, and he just kept on telling me “Good job babe, keep on pushing, good job hunny”, he was smiling at me, he was my coach.  I listened, I did whatever he guided me to do.  I felt like a student and a master at the same time.  Then the Dr. told me “Okay Katie, give me one real hard push” and I did.  I felt an explosion.   My baby’s head was finally out.  Everything looked good (I was told), and then I heard someone say “One more push Katie!” and I pushed for the last time and yelped out loud and then I saw our baby.  I kept on looking at Noel to tell me if we had a boy or girl, and he looked at me and said “We have a little boy hunny”.  I started crying.  I had wanted a boy so bad, and was so happy.

*tear, tear, I am reliving it*

As our little boy was placed onto my chest, I kept on crying and looked down at him and could not believe he was mine.  I am a Mommy.  I have a son.  We are a family of three now.  Noel and I had been waiting for this moment for 9 months and it was finally here.  Words were hardly spoken, we just kept on looking at our little boy and Noel kissed my forehead and said, “We did it hunny.  Look at our little boy!”

*tear, tear*

Words can not express how I felt in that moment.  Just know that it is such an immediate love and bond you have with your baby, that only first time parents get to experience.  It was magical.  It was everything I thought it was going to be and more.  We had picked out the name Kellan Atwood if we had a boy, and it suited him just fine!  He looked like a little Kellan who would one day grow up to be a strong Scottish man.  We were so proud.

After Noel made sure Kellan and myself were okay, he went out to tell my parents the good news.  They were overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to come in and see me and my little boy.  Such a special time, I am so thankful they were there to experience the birth of my first baby.  (Even if they weren’t in the room when I was pushing, they were there, at the hospital, the entire time!)  My sister, Carly did drive up from Hermiston, Oregon to spend maybe 40 minutes with us and then she had to drive back down for her work.  But it was special seeing her and knowing how much she loves us that she would drive 3 and a half hours to see us and Kellan and only stay for 40 minutes then have to drive all the way back down and go to work all day.  I love my sister!  She is truly the best!  I enjoyed my birth, as painful as it was, I would and will do it again at least three more times.  I love our little boy.  I want him to become a “big brother”, I love my amazing, wonderful, “coach” of a husband, and our family is just perfect.  I could not have asked for anything better.

I am a daughter, granddaughter, cousin, sister, niece, aunt, and now a Wife and Mommy.  I feel so blessed.  That’s it, simply blessed.


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