26th birthday

1. Today is my 26th birthday!

2. I had the most special birthday celebration on Sunday. My family, Noel’s family, boating, appetizers, steaks, bratwursts, cake, ice-cream and presents! It was just perfect. We got out to TR at around 11:45am, and didn’t leave until 8:30pm… I enjoyed every minute we were out there. Here are some photos I captured of the day:

[one of my birthday cards from Noel & Kellan]

[my birthday breakfast Noel made for me]

[out at TR]

[my niece, Hailey and her Momma behind her, Melissa]

[my sweet Mom got the cake!  I was surprised!  everyone was.  I loved it.  Thanks Momma!!]

[little surfer dude]

[Uncle Curt just has to take him on his chopper… lord help me]

3. Noel started the South Beach diet yesterday. Which means planning our menu for the week just got that much harder. No bread, no sugar, no carbs, no fruit, no sweet treats, no ice-cream, no popcorn… It works though. As hard as it is and sounds, in two weeks he will usually lose at least 15 pounds if not more. I am not as disciplined as my husband. I can not do diets. I fail miserably. I just use portion control and eat lots of fruit and veggies along with protein and drink lots of water. And that has always worked for me. But, right now I can eat pretty much anything I want because I am still nursing my little boy every two hours or so. Which means I “need” extra calories. I love that! Win, win.

4. When do babies learn how to roll from their tummies to their backs? Kellan gets so frustrated because he can roll from back to tummy, but can’t figure out how to roll the other way… Poor little guy. We’ll figure it out soon bud!

5. My sweet little boy will be 5 months old in 7 days!! I can’t believe that. Time sure does fly by.

6. I canned some Skeena cherries last night. They were done a la raw-pack, and some of my jars must have been really old because out of 6 quarts, only 4 survived. Oh well, that happens, just gotta keep canning and figure out which jars are newer and remember to follow the instructions, then I will be a pro in no time. I have only canned four items by myself, and they have all turned out great, but it is hard to do! My favorite part is hearing the lids pop (which means I sealed them correctly and let them sit in the water bath for the right amount of time)… Last night I heard two lids pop and I raised my arms up and said YESSSSSSS! Noel looked at me like, what the heck are you doing? Then I told him about my popping lids, and he understood my enthusiasm. Thanks for understanding your wifey babe.

[my awesome husband took some pictures for me while I was canning away]

[do you notice the problem here?]

[woopsy, note: it is NOT supposed to look like this, but you have to keep on keepin’ on if you want to become a canning expert]

[my four jars standing tall]

7. I am drinking a Sugar-Free Rockstar right now. Quite tasty.

8. We watched Gnomeo and Juliet last night. I love those movies. It was cute and entertaining. I recommend this to any parents with small children, there is some adult humor in it too, plus I laughed out loud a few times. Gotta love that!

9.  My little dude looks like he is gunna be a towhead baby. It looks white blond with a little orangey-red on the sides. And it is growing! I am so happy. He is happy. Noel is happy. It’s all good.

10. We, well Noel has been reading my gardening books, and he is very excited about our garden we are going to be doing next year. I need to do a lot of research about choosing the right type of garden for our yard. We have an entire section that we have all planned out to use for our garden, and it is quite large, so I have a lot of planning, researching and reading to be done in order to have the most useful and productive garden. I have visions and hopes of our garden, and we will do our best in order to produce a great harvest for our little family of three.


1 thought on “26th birthday

  1. All I have to say is, “You are soooo cute, Katie”!
    You remind me of me at your age and all the things I wanted to do for my young family.

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