this wedding

I had told you that last Saturday we went to a wedding.  This wedding was beautiful.  My friend, Stacey married her love, Tyler.  It was picture perfect.  Noel had the camera for some of the photos and I nabbed it from him to take some more (he was entertaining little boy so I could enjoy the ceremony)… 

[before heading to the wedding]

[Tyler ready to get hitched]

[here comes the bride…]

[a beautiful little girl who was infatuated with looking at our lil’ boy]

[their kiss]

Weddings always remind me of the day I married my prince charming.  I always cry at weddings.  I always smile.  I always laugh.  It was a nice night out with my own family just to relax and have a “night out”. & we survived… nursing in public and all.  What a beautiful thing marriage is.  Just beautiful.


1 thought on “this wedding

  1. I just found this! I missed out , I love these pics. I was so so happy that you guys came. We love having you as friends!!!

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