gnawing on the cob

Little boy likes corn! Not actual corn pieces, but corn on the cob. He enjoys gnawing on the “cob”.  He just sucks away on that bad boy.  Noel and I eat corn on the cob just about every night (you gotta enjoy it while it’s in season), and we get a kick out of watching him in action.  He opens up his mouth when he sees us eating and watches us intently because when we finish ours that means he gets a little taste of that yellow stuff.  Kellan does NOT like “Gerber” peas, but enjoys “Gerber” squash.  I have been making homemade baby food, and he got to try some of my carrots last night and he LOVED them!  No more buying baby food, (I only bought two anyway), because this Momma bear is gunna make my own!  We save booko dollars and I know exactly what is going into making his pureed food and even though it does take some time, I feel better, Kellan loves it better (than store-bought) and it’s just nice to provide your little babe with a loving meal.

[check out those eyes, very focused…]

[Daddy help you lil’ boy]

[holding his cob all by himself]

[all done!]


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