a wonderful weekend

We had a wonderful weekend!  Friday night, me and the hubby watched “Sanctum”.  The cast was entirely “unknown” actors and it pretty good.  It was a movie you could predict what would happen, for the most part, but it was interesting to watch.  I would never be interested in caves and figuring out how the water gets from inside a cave/mountain to the ocean (who does?), but overall it was entertaining.  I would not recommend you to rush out right now and rent it, but if you want something to watch and all the movies at Redbox are out, then check it out.

[lil’ boy helping me in the kitchen by looking cute]


Saturday was SUPER busy for me!  Noel left in the morning for work and I was at home with lil’ boy and we were busy little bee’s in the kitchen.  I plopped him in his bumbo chair and we were off!  We were having Noel’s parents over for a Salmon BBQ, so I had a lot to get ready for.  I put together the marinade, brushed it on the salmon, set it in the fridge to really get that soak on… then I had to make a dessert.  Because Noel is on the South Beach diet, everything must be sugar free, so I made some homemade sugarfree chocolate fudge with a homemade whipped cream and some raspberries on top (none for Noel though, again, due to the diet)… I cut up some kiwi fruit and made some deviled eggs for everyone to snack on before our dinner… shucked the corn… tidied up our home… lite the candles… and made a pitcher of tasty crystal lite (lemonade of course), and waited for Noel to get home to help me with lil’ boy so I could get myself ready for our BBQ.  It turned out really good!  It was a nice visit, but man, hostessing is tough work!  I was exhausted, to say the least, and I was ready for bed by 7pm!  Fortunately Dave, my father in law, gets up at around 5am to go to work so he understood that it was bedtime at 7pm too…  I love my inlaws.  They just crack me up and it was a night of calm weather, no wind, and good food!

[my dessert]

Sunday was spent at the ice rink!  YES!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t wait to take Kellan for his first hockey event.  My two little brothers, Lachlan and Conlan are playing on the same team this year.  This makes everyone’s life easier.  (My parents for one!)   And Noel went out to play goalie, my Dad was out there too, and my Mom, Kellan and myself walked over in the 100 degree heat and watched all our boys play.  (Minus my big brother Alex, that would have been awesome!)  Sweet Kellan loved it.  He loved it when he was in my tummy, and I think the noises were comforting to him.  He fell asleep and then woke up and was just watching them play.  Then we had a BBQ at my parents house, and hung out all night.  I made a peach/nectarine pie in the morning.  It was DELICIOUS!  I had never made a peach or nectarine pie before and I didn’t have enough peaches to make just a peach pie, so I had to make it a combo, and it was good.  I snuck an extra piece home for myself to eat.  Yes please!  Yes, we had a wonderful weekend!

[Lachlan in white, Conlan in red]

[Noel in all his glory]

[Nana (my Mom) and lil’ boy]


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