5 months ago today

1. 5 months ago today, I was at the hospital.  5 months ago today, I was staring at my little boy.  5 months ago today, Noel became a Daddy.  5 months ago today, I became a Mommy.

2. Lil’ boy loves nursing. He eats exactly every 2 hours.  He would lay there all day on the Boppy and eat if he could, but sadly (and thankfully) women do not produce that much milk, so every two hours it is. He loves carrots, squash, and gnawing on corn-cobs. He loves his Daddy & Mommy.

3. Kellan is now rolling from back to tummy, then he rolls over again from tummy to back. On Saturday night, Noel and I were doing the dishes and that was the first time he performed this. We missed it, but Noel told me what he was doing and I couldn’t believe it. Then last night, he showed us his new trick. It was so special to be sitting with Noel and watch our little boy rock n’ roll-roll-roll.

4. Still is a spitting-image of his Daddy. Only his smile and squinty eyes look like me. I guess that’s a good thing since he is a boy…

5. I put together his highchair yesterday afternoon. All by myself! I sat him in it, and he looked so proud. Also very tiny in that big contraption. He is such a wiggler when he is being spoon fed that he gets so darn messy, I thought the highchair would be a good fix. This way he is sitting up straight and can’t really squirm around. I was right. No more squash in his toes, yippy!

6. Kellan is starting to scoot. Does this mean he will start crawling soon? Nooooooooo, I don’t want him crawling. I don’t even want to think about that yet. I won’t.

7. Time to go 9 month clothes shopping… Everything is getting to be too short again. And the width of them are still so baggy. I love shopping for him. My little long and lean boy just melts my heart.

8. How much do you weigh little boy? Sure are feeling heavy, that damn carseat is no longer a one hander, it is a required two hand effort. I am not a wimp, but I sure feel like one when I have to prep myself before getting him in and out of the car in that carseat.

9. Hair color is still hard to tell. Looks white with some curls, but on the sides it looks a little like a ginger. Who knows? He might be a strawberry blonde babe or perhaps a little towhead babe like his Daddy.

10. The other night, we were giving Kellan his nightly bath and I noticed a fly buzzing around as well as a bee! I yelled to Noel and he got the flyswatter and killed the bee with two hits. I was kneeling down by the tub getting lil’ boy all cleaned up with his soap and Noel bats the flyswatter in the air, hits the fly and I have no idea where it went. He looks at me and says I think it landed in Kellan’s tub hunny. Not a second goes by and I look in the tub, I don’t see it anywhere, I keep on looking and looking, then I see that disgusting fly in his ear! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Oh my god. My momma-bear instincts were alive folks, and I pinched that fly between my two fingers and picked it out of his ear. Sick. I hate fly’s and before this event, I had never before touched a fly. Nothing will stop me from protecting my little cub. 5 months ago today, we began our Mother-Son relationship and I have loved every minute of it. I love you my little boy.


One thought on “5 months ago today

  1. Awwww, Katie, I cried and giggled to myself over all these little moments you have with Kellan. It truly melts my heart. You are so loving with that lil’ boy…it is so evident.

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