three babes in the back

My sister, brother in law, niece and nephew came into town yesterday!  I love it when they come for a visit!!  It is so nice to have adult conversations and chat about our babies with one another.  Carly and I went to Costco with our little boys and met up with Ali (Carly’s daughter) there.  I had some items that I needed to buy and it was a good way to just get outta the house and go for a drive.  We made it through Costco in one piece and left with two shopping carts (one full of food, the other full of babies)… after getting my car all loaded with the groceries, it was time to maneuver three carseats into the back of my car.  I drive an Edge and I don’t think it is meant for three babes in the back, but we tried and we did it.  Well, Carly did it.  I just stood there like a bump on a log and watched her.  Sorry I am not of much help there.  I have no idea how to put those seats in anyway.  Too many buckles and straps, I get confused just with Kellan’s seat.  As we drive out of Costco, I turned around and they are all smiling back at me (Ali & Jackson anyway), and we were off back to my home.  It was funny looking back at them, because someday I will have three kiddos and it was a sight to be seen.  Wow!  I can have that many babies?  I just might like that!  Very much indeed.

My parents came up to my house for some pizza, salad and desserts.  My two little brothers, Lachlan and Conlan also came up and told us all about their first day at school.  I can’t believe I have a Senior brother and a Freshman brother.  I feel old.  But the smiles they give me when they look at me and talk to me makes me so proud.  I am proud to be their big sister.  I am proud to have them as my son’s uncles.  I just love them.  After a night of talking and playing with the three babies, it was time to say goodbye and give those two little angels some kisses and hugs for the road.  Man, I love those babies!  That’s what life is all about.  Living the dream of having your own family and loving every minute of it.  I sure do.  Do you?

[Carly & my lil’ boy]

“How does this thing come off?”

“too busy working to stop for pictures”


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