spirit uplifting photo explosion

I have been MIA for the past few days because of this darn thing called internet.  It has been down, but I am back folks.  Don’t worry about me, I am still alive, just trying to get this techno-savvy thing down.  Thought I would enlighten you with a little spirit uplifting photo explosion.  This is my blog, I may do as I please.  Thank you.  Hopefully you will forgive me for not blogging for a few days after you gaze your eyes on this handsome little boy:

[standing up like a big boy… with some help of course!]

[oh, hey mommy!]

[my two favorite boys in the entire world]

[trying to reel in the bird killer]


[what’s this pokey stuff?]

[check out that drool line]

Do you forgive me?  I thought so.  Happy Wednesday!


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