My family of three ventured off to a small town called Cashmere… we were headed to the Chelan County Fair!  I always get excited to see the animals and like always, I wanted to take home a bunny or three, and Noel looked at me and smiled and said, “One day hunny, you can have a whole lot of ’em”, then I smiled (very excitedly) and he knew that by me smiling right back at him, I will hold him to that.  Don’t say something you will later take back.  He doesn’t.  Lucky for him, I can convince our lil’ boy next year that we should take a bunny home, and Noel just might give in.  We shall see.  Hoping that I do get a bunny next year, Kellan and I shall name him Pancakes.  It is sweet, just like a pancake, and fluffy too.  I think that is the name.  Unless Kellan chooses a different name, then we will stick with that.  After we looked at all the animals that were inside the barns, Noel saw some “ta-tonkas” so we walked over and got a good look at them.  We wondered how much they weigh?  500 pounds?  800?  They were enormous!  I always think of Dances with Wolves whenever I see buffalos, or when Noel says that word “ta-tonka”, good ol’ Kevin Costner, what a classy fella.

We then witnessed a reptile man get a wild snake out of speaker.  He was in there for two days (so he says) and they couldn’t find him.  Like he was lost out in the fair or something.  God.  Get some better cages dude.  So, after that, we saw an alligator and some mountain lions, though we kept a safe distance, because of Kellan’s sake.  We didn’t want to get attacked after all.  Right beside this little show were the arts and crafts barns.  We walked through four of them and even voted on the “Viewers Choice” for a few.  We are cool like that.  We will never find out if we made the difference in choosing the winner, but it was fun to do with the husband.   Then, it was off to eat some food!  I thought the most healthy thing to eat at the fair would be the taco wagon, so I ordered myself a Torta with shredded chicken and was satisfied!  Noel ate a Quincy corn on the cob (on a stick), and some strawberries.  Oh and I got my favorite thing of all… a Caramel Apple!  I love those things.  I only eat them twice a year, so it was well worth the calories, thank you very much.

Kellan did wonderful at the fair.  Not a peep outta him.  He just had some rosy cheeks going on, but other than that he was a quiet little trooper.  To those people who say they can’t do things they used to do with just a husband and wife, YOU CAN.  Just make it fun, share some laughs, and if your little babe gets upset show him the animals.  Kellan really liked looking at those hairy things… or not so hairy things: the swines.  All in all, it was a nice evening spent with my family.  My two favorite people in the world.  I just love them.

[checking out the beautiful horse]

Hope you all Wenatcheeians took an adventure out to the fair too… it was worth it!!


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