nursing strike

1.  Spent yesterday morning canning pears… all by myself!  “Raw pack” was the way I did them, and they turned out great!  I have 7 more quarts to add to my stash for the freezing winter months.  Yes!  I am pretty darn proud of myself.

2.  Can not wait to cook our dinner tonight.  Spaghetti is on the menu with some garlic bread, peas, cottage cheese and a green caesar salad.  I love my carbs, bring it on!

3.  I bought some liquid fruit pectin at the store on Sunday in hopes that I will can some Pear jam this week.  After looking at my pears this morning, I would say they are jam-ready.  I have never done a jam before, so this will be completely trial and error… here’s to trying new things!

4.  Kellan is falling off his Boppy pillow while he nurses.  Well, length-wise anyway.  I am anxious to see what his new stats are at his 6 month check up in 2 1/2 weeks!  He just keeps on growing… long… he’s like a little bean pole.

5.  While I am on the subject, lil’ boy is on nursing strike!  This is a sad state of affairs for me, his Mommy, because I do not want to wean.  I have read countless articles and books about this subject, and they all say babies go through during one point of their nursing months, but I didn’t think it would happen to us.  What nursing strike means is that he bites me, pulls away, gets easily distracted, and just does not want to be eating.  I have found that he does this within the last 5 minutes of his nursing time.  I know there is still milk in there (because I  check of course), but he just doesn’t want to nurse for the entire time.  Oh sweet baby, today will mark 7 days of his strike, hopefully this will end soon.  Thankfully he doesn’t have any teeth yet, or this would be even more painful for me, but none the less, his gums are mighty strong and everytime I yelp in pain, he looks up at me, stunned, like “Did I do that?”  (I always imagine Kellan is saying this in a Steve Urkell voice, remember that dorky guy from Family Matters????)

6.  Already miss my little boy being just a wee baby.  I know he is still a baby (and will always be a baby in my eyes), but I can’t cradle him in my arms anymore.  Let’s face it, it hurts my back, and it looks awkward when his arms and legs are flailing about because he wants to be straddling my hip as I do the chores around the house.  I have baby fever!  I had always thought that I would wait until Kellan was potty-trained before having another babe, but this will not do.  I love Kellan.  I want another one to love.  They are just to sweet and cute to not want more…

7.  I wonder how my brother Alex is doing with his law schooling?  We rarely talk to him once his school year begins because he is so damn busy, that all he has time for is homework, school and of course his girl, Christine.  Now, Christine is a woman, a bright woman who adores my brother.  The first time I met her, I went right up to her and hugged her!  I am not a very welcoming person, well not to any of my brothers’ girlfriends, I should say.  I am just very protective of them.  (Even though Alex is older than me, I feel like the big sister.  I don’t know why, but that’s just how I feel.)  But I was welcoming with her.  She is real.  She is a lawyer.  She is smart.  She is a natural beauty.  She reminds me of Kate Middleton.  (Please tell me, you know who that is, right??  If not, you are living in a cave and here is a picture of her:

Anyway, Alex if you are reading this, we miss you & love you!  And if you do get a spare minute call me and tell me about your lawyer adventures down there in Cali.

8.  I am so pleased that Wenatchee High won the battle of the bridges football game last Friday night.  I wasn’t in attendance because that is lil’ boys bedtime, but I did hear all about it.  Now, because my husband went to Eastmont High and I went to Wenatchee, we always get pretty rivalry.  My two older siblings, myself and my two little brothers all went/go to WHS.  My Mother is a teacher at EHS.  So we have quite the discussions when talking about sports, or pretty much anything in general when regarding WHS to EHS.  And I will add, that yes I do own some “Red Zone” t-shirts, courtesy of my Mother, but now after hearing how bad they sucked at the football game, I will now donate them to my cleaning supplies as rags, sorry Mom.  Sorry hunny.  That’s just how I roll.

9.  Only kidding about turning my shirts into rags.  I would never do such a thing.  Just wanted to get you both all riled up… hehehe.

10.  Can not wait until the leaves start changing, the cool nights start and I can flick that switch and turn on my fireplace.  I love fall weather,  love winter weather.  I wish for snow.  But not until Noel finishes up his apple harvest.  Then bring on the SNOW!


One thought on “nursing strike

  1. Katie June,
    I still say, “Red Zone” all the way! By the way, you WILL be getting another Eastmont shirt some time soon! Love you! Mom

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