do Mommy’s…

do Mommy’s get a free pass for being late if their little one is still sleeping??

do Mommy’s get to sleep in ever again?

do Mommy’s get special treatment in lines at the grocery store if their little one is screaming bloody murder?

do Mommy’s get to go to bed when their babe does?

do Mommy’s get to wear other items of clothing besides yoga pants and spit up T-shirts?

do Mommy’s become worry warts?

do Mommy’s imagine what their baby will look like as they get older?
do Mommy’s fulfill their dreams of one day becoming a career woman, as well as being a devoted Mommy?

do Mommy’s picture their wee babe’s gummy smile ever turning into one filled with pearly whites?
do Mommy’s always put their baby and husband before themselves?

do Mommy’s…

this Mommy is in love with this lil’ boy… and that’s all that matters.


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