“hockey Mom”

Yesterday was the first game of the 2011-2012 hockey season for my two little brothers. I use the word little, but they are in fact bigger than me now. Little refers to their age, not size. I am once again the “baby” of the family, horray! And not only my family, but Noel’s family as well. I am reminded of this, by my mother in law, Pam, who lets me know that yes, I am in fact, the baby of their family. Thank you Pam. She also calls Noel her baby. Even though he is 28, and has a little babe of his own, to her, he will always be her little baby boy. I think it’s sweet. Enough of my rant… so yesterday morning, I was starting to get nervous for my brothers’ first game. Game time was at 3:15pm and I knew that I would need some gummy worms or something to snack on, due to my nervousness, so I brought along some skittles and pretzels to the game. My Mom and I sat there munching away, Kellan was being such a good hockey watcher, and Noel was just smiling at our little boy and looked so proud. We are a die hard hockey family, and it was nice to see our lil’ boy enjoy the game as much as we do. Lachlan is the captain of the team and one of the biggest, and Conlan is one of the youngest players on the team this year. He is not the smallest, but I think his size might make the opposing team’s players think he isn’t that good. WRONG! They are on the same line, and it was so much fun watching them pass the puck back and forth and take shots on the goalie. Conlan got a pass in the 2nd period, and he skated down the ice, past the blue line, took a beauty of a shot and scored! It was a beautiful thing. I saw the puck fly thru the air, hit the back of the net and score… GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!! I immediately started screaming, yelling, clapping, cheering… it was a proud moment. The first goal of the season, was by my brother. Then I hear Conlan’s best friend, Jose, yell in the stands, “That’s my brother!!” With almost a tear in my eye, I look over at the bench and see Conlan’s face light up. Their team ended up losing, 2-1, but both my brothers played an amazing game, and I can not wait to watch them play again!

Hockey is family. Hockey is teeth falling out. Hockey is blood on the ice. Hockey is fights. Hockey brings my entire family together. Hockey is the greatest sport. Hockey means eating gummy worms. Hockey means 1 captain & 2 assistants. Hockey means having your team-mates back. Hockey means snow and winter. Hockey is just the greatest thing and I am so happy that I get to be a part of it every single year. I have grown up watching, playing and rooting on my husband, brothers, Dad, and soon my son. I can’t wait to be an actual “hockey Mom”… but don’t worry you will never see me down at the rink sporting a super large button with Kellan’s face on it, or ringing an annoying cow-bell. What you will see is a devoted hockey fan, a woman who loves the sport, and underneath the mask of yelling that you might hear me do, inside I am dying to be out there on the ice, shooting, passing and taking a slapshot and scoring.


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