a lot of patience

Sweet lil’ Kellan is going through some changes… he is constantly whining, wants to eat , but then we nurse he gets tired of it after two.five seconds and pulls away, wants to be held all day long, and I believe the reason why all of these things is because of his tooth.  His mysterious tooth that I can see but not feel.  When are ya gunna pop through his gumline??  I try to give him Orajel, but he either doesn’t like the cherry taste of it or he doesn’t appreciate the numbness effect of it and gets even more upset.  Due to this, we have nothing to offer him except Tylenol.  I just want to make his pain go away.  This is so hard.  This is extremely challenging.  Then I think about my Mom and how she did this teething thing 5 times.  God bless her.  Seriously.  It seems as if everything regarding my little angel boy is challenging.  Now, I have a lot of patience.  Afterall I am at home with Kellan all day long, every single day, so I gotta have a lot of patience.  But when I have tried everything under the moon and he is still upset, I do not know what else to do.  Except maybe cry, but that doesn’t help matters.  No, it just makes me even more upset.  Two cry-babies anyone?

So, as we start yet another day, yet another morning, I just gotta remember that ‘this too shall pass’, and who knows, maybe the tricks I tried yesterday (which failed) might just work today… let’s get to it lil’ boy, here’s to having a beautiful day.  Mommy loves you!


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