a day late, woopsy…

1.  We attended two birthday events this weekend.  One for my friend, Jami’s daughter, Rylee who turned 1… the next for my mother in law, Pam.  Love birthday parties!  Love eating cake & ice cream.  Love being surrounded by friends and family.  Love watching the birthday girls’ expressions when they open up their presents.

2.  At Pam’s birthday, the menu consisted of mashed potatoes & gravy, corn on the cob, cornbread (I brought up some of my canned pear jam and apple butter), a birthday cake and of course FRIED CHICKEN.

3.  Maya and Hailey jumped on the trampoline…

4.  Everyone ate up my yummy pear jam…

5.  I ordered Pam some Adidas sandals that she wanted (for lounging around the house and to take on their RV trips) and they didn’t arrive in time.  So we just printed out a picture of them and put it inside the card.  (Embarrassing.  I was sure they would arrive in time…)  Also, we gifted her some i-Tunes moolaw because Dave, her husband, bought her an i-Pod.  She was so excited!  It was such a special birthday!!

6.  Tooth still has not popped through the gumline, hmmmmmm…

7.  Lil’ boy has his 6 month check up on Friday!  I can’t believe it!  What a big boy I have!!

8.  Went to Costco today and forgot one of the most important things (because I forgot to actually put it on the list, grrrrrr): BATTERIES.  Dangit.   As a new Mom, batteries are essential, you might as well get them everytime you are at a grocery store because you WILL use them.  Just a note to all those soon to be first time Mommy’s out there.

9.  Noel is in a golf tourny this Saturday, October 1st.  It is the second annual D.O.E. golf tourny and he is on a team with Josh (brother in law), Curt (N’s brother), and hmmmmm oh yeah, Tim Baity.  A lot of boozin will be had, but they will have a good time, I know it!

10.  This means that my sister and her two babies hopefully will be coming into town as well, which means me screaming up and down in excitement!!!!  I miss them all and will have to  give her a ringy ding ding just to make sure that the whole Hill family will be coming, horray!!!!!

[Noel & lil’ boy watching cousins jump on the trampoline]


I know this is supposed to be Tuesday’s blog, but I am a day late, woopsy… here ya go anyway, enjoy!!


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