mommyhood calls…

1.  Sweet Kellan is now 6 months old!  I can’t believe how quickly the time has past since he arrived in March, but it has been a whirlwind of a journey.

2.  My lil’ boy’s stats are now:  Weight- 15 lbs. 7 oz. (19%); Height- 27 inches (73%); Head- 17 (34%).  He is a long & lean babe.  I now call him my little beanie boy because he’s a little bean pole.  (From Jack & The Beanstock, remember that story??)

3.  Noel & his team won the golf tournament on Saturday.  They had waaaaay to much fun, and I am glad that they did.  He brought him the trophy, and it looks like a plain ol’ trophy, then I looked at the top, and there is a Budweiser can on the top.  I thought it was an empty, so I tried grabbing it to throw it away, and it is glued on!  Nice trophy boys.  Men, guys, boys, whatever you wanna call ’em, they are just too much.  Thank god I have two boys to entertain me throughout my life.  Hopefully I will have four boys to make me laugh one day…

4.  Carly and her two babies came into town on Saturday night, which means a Sunday family dinner at my parents house!  Horray.  I baked a two layer spice cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting.  It was delicious.  Kellan helped me in the kitchen (by looking cute) and everyone enjoyed my taste of fall dessert!


5.  Jackson, Ali & Carly ended up staying Sunday night over at my home and it was fun!  Let me tell you what.  We popped popcorn, scooped up some ice cream, drank way to much 7up, and watched Desperate Housewives!  It was so nice to just be with my sister’s family.  (Josh was in the golf tournament with my husband and had to work on Sunday, booooo)  It was nice getting to see the cousins get along and play.  Jackson is so sweet with Kellan.  He says “He is my baby.  I wuv him.”  (Wuv=Love)  Sweet babies.


[3 cousins, the best picture I could get…]


[Jackson giving Kellan a smoocheroo]

6.  I hope & pray that his eye color will stay this beautiful blue.  Please, pretty please…

7.  Finally figured out how to burn DVD’s on my computer.  We have been recording Kellan and our lil’ family ever since Christmas time (it was a present from my wonderful husband), and I am now copying the 13,652 recordings onto DVD’s.  I had to buy the “right” DVD’s and cases, and I have been busy as a bee trying to tackle this project.  It.  Is.  Taking.  Forever.

8.  Another project is trying to label Kellan’s pictures and put them into photo albums.  I love taking pictures, and that is all fun and dandy.  But then you get them developed (another fun to do), then after you bring them home, you get super excited to put them in his photo albums.  However, the pictures are just sitting on my counter.  Patiently waiting to be labeled and put in their individual spaces.  I hope to put a check mark next to this project this week.

9.  YESSSSSS!!  Noel put up my window treatments yesterday!  He gets brownie points!!  Then, he also put up my picture frames in the computer room.  Hallelujah.  Major brownie points.  What do these brownie points add up to?  I might just take my hubby out to dinner this weekend, my treat.  How you like them apples babe?

10.  Lil’ boy just woke up… mommyhood calls…


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