we had lift off!

The weaning process has begun.  I am sad to say that, and having to type it and see the words staring me back in the face makes me even more sad.  But, it is time.  The reasons why we have started this process is because of the following:

-Kellan has been biting me for over about 5-6 weeks now.

-He plays around when he’s supposed to be eating.

-He blows and makes slurpy noises with his mouth when nursing.

-Squiggly and turns his face away.

Now, these are some of the things he does.  I will not bore you with detail about every little thing he does, but it has made sense to myself, Noel and sweet lil’ boy that it is time.  Starting last Friday, we gave him his first bottle.  Well, Noel tried giving him the bottle first, but he was not having it.  I think Kellan views Noel as someone who always smiles at him, his Daddy who plays with him, his Daddy who takes care of him, his Daddy who ruff-houses with him, ect…  I believe he knows that I am his food source, he can smell my skin, he hears my soothing voice, and it is just comforting to him.  Kellan kept on playing around with the bottle nipple (like he does with mine), and I thought, oh great.  We have to wean cold turkey??  Then I sat down with him and tried it out for myself.  I haven’t given him a bottle since he was a week old, so this experience was all new to me.  I didn’t know how to hold him, I didn’t know how to have his head (laying all the way back? laying sideways? sitting partially up?)… so I did what felt comfortable to me, and it seemed perfect for him.  After 10 seconds of him playing with the nipple, I took the entire bottle away far enough so he could see it, then he stared at it, then looked up at me, and then we tried it again, and we had lift off!  Thank god.  I was starting to get anxious, but he is a smart little trooper and probably just figured, “If Mom is giving me this bottle, then I am sure it is okay to eat!”… oh lil’ boy.  We plan on giving him one bottle every day for 2 weeks, and having the bottle replace one of our nursy-times.  Slowly every week, we will integrate one more bottle into his day, minus my feeding.  I am not sure how long this will take, maybe 2-3 months.  But by then he will be at least 9 months old, and I think that is an appropriate age/time to be fully weaned.  I have read horror stories about Mom’s who weaned cold turkey, and yowwzaa!  It hurts.  It hurts me a little doing it slowly, but we shall see how I feel in the next few months.

I am thankful for our over 6 month nursing time together, and until you are completely weaned, we will continue our special time every day, just not 7 or 8 times every day.  Bottle feeding is just as important though.  You have to be fully engaged in your little babe, you have to be looking down at him (because he is looking straight up at you), nothing can be pre-occupying you, and everything you did with nursing, you must do with bottle feeding.  I think that is an important way to look at it.  I am still giving him my full attention, and I think that’s all he really wants.  I give Kellan so much love every day, I wouldn’t know how to give him any more.  I am thankful that I pushed through those first days and weeks of having a hard time nursing my Kellan, and found my groove with him and had the chance to spend all those countless hours sitting with him and just nursing.  Breastfeeding is the hardest thing I have ever done, in regards to Kellan’s growing up, and I was determined to do it.  I am one proud Mama, and will do anything to ensure that my little angel gets the very best from me & from his Daddy.  We love you little boo boo!!!


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